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Ride as a Team: Teams of 1 to 4 people commit to spending 4 hours “powering” a trainer or set of rollers, relay-style. One person can ride for as little as 1 hr or as long as 4 hrs. Your team decides who rides when and for how long, ensuring that there is always someone riding. Please specify if your team wants to ride their bikes on a computrainer or on a set of e-motion rollers. There are 6 rollers* and 24 computrainers available. *As of February 26, rollers are sold out. Computrainers are still available.

Ride on Your Own: If you are an individual without a team who wants to participate, please register and enter the number of hours you plan on riding and your preferred times. We will be in touch to confirm your ride times. 

Bring your road bike, cycling shoes, riding clothes, and trainer skewer if you have one. 

$25 per person to register $50 per hour (minimum) fundraising commitment (e.g.: ride for 1 hour, raise at least $50 plus the $25 registration fee; ride for 4 hours, raise at least $200 plus the $25 registration fee) 

ALL of your registration fee and fundraising goes directly to to support youth mental health programs. 

Be prepared for entertainment, food, and fun surprises!

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